What is EMPOWER T2n?

EMPOWER T2n is a free education programme for people living with Type 2 diabetes. The course is paid for by the local NHS and lasts around four hours.

EMPOWER T2n is designed to help you understand what Type 2 diabetes is, the effect it has on your body and how to make small, achievable changes to the food you eat and your everyday life.

The course focuses on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, and setting personal goals to support you in taking control of your diabetes.

How does it work?

You can choose to take the course online or at a local venue to you. Courses are run during the day, with evening and weekend courses also available. You can choose from:

EMPOWER Local. This is a face-to-face group session with between 6 and 12 other people, led by a trained educator in a local community venue to you.

EMPOWER Video. This is an online group session with between 6 and 12 other people, led by a trained educator using video conferencing.

EMPOWER Digital. This is an online learning platform where you work through the course at your own pace.

Why should I attend?

Attending a diabetes education course is a very important part of learning how to self-manage your diabetes and help avoid long-term health complications.

You are welcome to bring a carer, family member or friend to support you.

People that complete an EMPOWER T2n course reduce their blood sugar levels and improve their health.

>> Tony has Type 2 diabetes and benefited from attending an EMPOWER T2n course. See how it helped him and what he thinks of the programme in the following video.

How can I join a course?

Please click the link below, speak to your GP or nurse or call us on 0800 852 7460.

97% of people would recommend EMPOWER T2n to their friends and family if they were diagnosed